PCI Analytics Pvt . Ltd.

Solvent Filtration Kit

Solvent Filtrations Assembly Glass or SS (upper part)
with 1 ltr. Bottom Flask Glass Size 47 mm

Solvent Filtrations in Mobile Phase Bottle

Mobile Phase Bottle

Sample Filtration Kit & Sterility Test Unit

Multi-Fold Solvent Filtration System

Salient Features :
  • Manifold with 3 ball valves (ON / OFF)
  • Single Mobile Phase in triple quantity
  • Three different mobile phases simultaneously (choice of 1, 2 or 3)
  • Single Vacuum Pump PCI-75-S to operate 3 solvent filtration
  • Ease of operation, maintenance free
  • Improves efficiency in heavy load situations
  • Innovative design by PCI Analytics only
  • No liquid contact with Manifold & hence no contamination
  • Vacuum Flask Capacity 1 Ltr. or 2 Ltr.