PCI Analytics Pvt . Ltd.

HPLC Liquid Flow Meter

  • The ideal instrument for IQ / OQ / PQ and troubleshooting
  • Accurate to 1% of reading with guaranteed linearity from 0.05 to 25.00 ml/min.
  • Durable and easy to use with any HPLC pump
  • Easy diagnosis of leaking piston seals or malfunctioning check valves
  • Automatic data transfer
    - Dramatically simplify liquid flow rate data collection for HPLC / IQ / OQ / PQ
    - Collect flow rate data via RS232 or with a optional battery powered mini Printer, or with Software
  • Specially designed software collects the data received into a database. Gives average reading, standard deviation & many more features
PCI is pleased to introduce the HPLC Liquid Flow Meter & Data Recorders

The digital liquid flow meter accurately & reliably determines liquid flow. It is designed primarily as a flow meter for HPLC systems. Our liquid flow meter has the following features:

  • New PEEK valve which is fitted with a soft elastomer seal and teflon diaphragm.
  • The newly designed sensor head is more stable.
  • The inlet pipe - is made with a 1/16 “ diameter PEEK tube.
  • New modern looking and light weight brushed aluminium case.

The total unit now is very light weight.

The instrument measures liquid flow over a wide range, from 50µl/min to 25 ml/min. You can see the working flow ranges & accuracy in the table below. Flow rate is measured by volume & is independent of the liquid type upto a viscosity of 10 centipoise.

The unit uses a single chip micro-controller. The flow rate (rounded to four digits) is displayed on a large four digit back-lit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) & data can be conveniently output via the build-in RS232 interface to the full 6 digit reading. No user calibration is required; the unit is generally supplied gravimetrically calibrated at 1.0 (+10%) ml/min. Calibration at multiple points is available. All wetted parts are made of PTFE, PEEK, DAI-EL PERFLOUR or Pyrex glass. There are no wetted metallic parts.

All instruments are supplied with the following :

  • Main 'wall block' power supply with a choice of 240V 3 pin UK, 230V 2 pin European or 100V 2 pin USA / Japan.
  • RS232 input / output cable : 8 way mini-din plug to PC COM port 9 pin female.
  • UKAS traceable flow calibration certificate is supplied. (UKAS is the UK equivalent of NIST)
  • Universal mounting kit : allows free standing mount, wall mounting, ‘stack system’ mounting and bottle top mount.
  • Black plastic carrying case with foam inserts. All parts of the mounting kit are packed within the carrying case.
  • Cleaning kit now supplied with the flow meter.

Specification for HPLC Liquid Flow Meter :

  • Reading update time: 15 sec @ 2 ml/min., 25 sec @ 1 ml/min., 45 sec @ 0.5 ml/min.
  • Range : 0.05 to 25 ml/min.
  • Measuring volume - 140 µl
  • Size : 138 mm x 76 mm x 45 mm
  • LCD Display - (12.7 mm) - 4 digits and 3 status symbols
  • RS232 output - (6 digits) XX.XXXX ml/min.
  • UKAS traceable calibration certificate
  • Accuracy : better than 1% of reading
  • Priming volume - 250 µl
  • Weight - 320g, 12 oz
  • Size : 138 mm x 76 mm x 45 mm
  • LCD Display - (12.7 mm) - 4 digits and 3 status symbols
  • RS232 output - (6 digits) XX.XXXX ml/min
  • UKAS traceable calibration certificate
Model Calibration Point Calibration at
LFM-02 Three 0.5, 1.0, 2.0 ml/min
LFM-03 Four 0.5, 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 ml/min.
* Five point calibration also available